The following workshops are face-to-face or virtual. Most often, we custom-design these and other workshops to fit each client’s unique needs.

For Individuals

1. “Individual Incubator”: A personalized one-on-one future planning and support program for those who are ready to launch a new project, make changes in their lives, or who just want to “play bigger” in the world! Six months of coaching support (and cheering) is provided to help sustain the future you’ve created through our work together. See header tab for details. 

For Managers and Teams

1. Communication Skills & Norms for Teams(a virtual or face-t0-face workshop): For anyone leading a team — including a dispersed global team — this workshop takes a deep dive into how to have productive, mutually satisfying and authentic conversations. Focus is on 3 specific communication tools that are especially necessary in business contexts. Engaging exercises throughout workshop are custom-designed around current business issues, with practice in breakout groups.  Can be especially helpful for teams that work across cultural differences.

2.  “Conscious Business: Leading with Greatness”: Based on the work of Fred Kofman in his groundbreaking book Conscious Business, this program introduces tools and practices that bring out the best of being human and leading a successful business. Each module provides a practical and practicable approach to the most important actions of successful leaders, where relationships and tasks are given equal focus. 




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